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wefru Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses

We created this action plan to make it simple for small organizations to grow their business with LinkedIn Pages. Whether you're a marketer at a mid-sized organization or a small business owner managing your entire online presence,  this guide is laser focused on the essentials for organic success on LinkedIn.
In this 5-page action plan, you'll learn how to:
• Complete your Page
 for 30% more weekly views • Grow your Page followers with daily, weekly, and monthly actions • Post the right content for your target audience (plus 8 inspiring examples)
An active and updated Page will make it easier for LinkedIn members to search for, learn about, and refer your business to their broader network. Download the free LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses
 to start growing your LinkedIn presence today.


Complete your Page

First, you'll need to set up your Page and fill out the "About" tab. This step is crucial, because it establishes your business's credibility in the online community.

Fill out your overview.

Ask yourself these key questions when writing your organization's description:
• Vision:
 What future do you want to help create? • Mission: How will you help create that future?  • Values: What core values support your vision and decision making processes?  • Positioning: What makes your brand different?  • Products/Services: What are your core product & service offerings? 

Add your logo and cover image.

If you don't have a logo or cover image, create a free one at Logos should be sized at 300x300, cover images at 1536x768.

Input your organization's details.

This includes your website
headquartersoffice location(s)industryorganization type, and size. Do this to increase your searchability on the platform. 


Pages that post daily get 2x the member engagement

Post engaging content

Posting consistent, compelling updates on your Page is key as you acquire and retain followers. Here are out best practices for sharing the right content for your audience(s).

Use the Content Suggestions tool. Here, you can discover topics and articles that are trending with your target audience.
• Re-share your business's best @mentions
 (find them under the Activity tab). Highlight the best of your brand by showcasing mentions from employees, executives, and key customers.
• Include custom images and videos in your posts.
 Video is 5x more likely to drive member engagement than other media types. Keep them short and authentic. Learn more about our community management partners.
• Share PowerPoints and PDFs.
 Upload visually rich documents to help your followers dive deep on your organization's offerings. 

• Spark conversation to win engagement. Ask a thought-provoking question, run a contest, or host a raffle. Get creative in the ways you add value.
• Create a monthly content calendar. 
Review your analytics tab prior to see what is performing best.
• Use the 3-2-1 model. 
Every week, aim to publish three pieces of industry-related content, two pieces of "proud" content (content that make your employees and community feel good) and just one piece of product or service-related content.
• Schedule your posts. 
Using tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprinklr, you can schedule all of your content for the month in one sitting. 

Completed Pages get 30% more weekly views.

Grow your followers

On LinkedIn, we've seen that once Pages gain 150 followers, their opportunity for growth becomes exponential. Follow these best practices and you'll be on your way.

One time

Add the LinkedIn "Follow" button to your website. You may need to ask your web developer to implement the plugin, but we promise it's easy and worth your while.

Link to your Page in all of your marketing templates. Consider adding a link to your email signature, business cards, newsletters, and blogs.

Once a day

Post content daily. We recommend 1-2 times per day to establish a trusted voice within your community.

Check your Activity tab. If your Page has been @mentioned, you can re-share your best mentions to highlight why people love your brand. 

Once a week

Cross promote your Page on other social platforms to reach different audiences.

Join topical conversation with hashtags. By associating your Page with relevant hashtags in your Communities panel, you can enter a feed and participate in conversations from the perspective of your organization. 

Once a month

Switch up the hashtags in your Communities panel. Based on your current goals, consider broad (location, etc.), niche (product, etc.), and talent branding hashtags.
Tap into your customers' networks. 
Think of top customers who'd recommend your business, and ask them to post on their network with an @mention of your Page. Re-share the posts on your Page with a thank you.

Review your Page analytics. It's hard to gain followers if you're posting the wrong content for your audience. Use analytics to find out what resonates most and where there are opportunity gaps.
@mention influencers or other Pages you admire. 
Share why you admire or want to work with them. Avoid being spammy, and make those tagged proud to re-share your post with their broader network.

Once a quarter

Invite your personal connections to follow your Page. Starting May 2019, you can use the new "Invite to Follow" feature to send direct follow requests to your network.

Research your competitors' content. This will help you identify tactics that are working and whitespace that your organization can fill. 

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