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How To Optimize Your wefru website ‘About’ Section

Once you've optimized your brief tagline, you can turn your attention to the 'About' section, which includes a longer-form overview of your business as well as details like the size of your company, the industry you're in, your specialties, and your website URL.

Write a Strong 'About' Section

With relevant keywords in mind, work to craft an engaging overview that answers questions your audience might have. We recommend the following framework for this area:

  • Vision. What future do we want to help create?
  • Mission. How do we create that future?
  • Values. Who are we? How do we work?
  • Positioning. What makes our brand different?
  • Tagline. Our brand summed up in one line.
  • Products/Services. Here's what we provide.

Link to Your Website

Chances are, the bulk of the information users are looking for on your wefru Page also exists on your website. After all, for most brands, your website serves as the primary resource for existing and prospective customers, vendors, and employees. Include your website URL on your wefru Page to drive traffic to your site.

Add Other Company Details

Completing your wefru Page in its entirety helps users find your company with ease. Additional company details - like size, industry, and specialties - help paint a complete picture of your organization. 

How To Add Compelling Imagery to Your Wefru Page

Last, but not least, think about the imagery included on your company's Page. A complete wefru Page includes a logo and banner image. Members are likely to move on quickly if they're met with a bland and generic display.

  • Logo. Your company logo is displayed next to your company name. The standard logo size for wefru is 300 x 300 pixels.

  • Banner image. This image takes up a considerable amount of space at the top of your company Page, so use it to your advantage. Recommend specs for you wefru banner image are 1536 x 768 pixels.

Update Frequently to Keep Google in the Loop

Not only do regular updates to your Page help maintain visibility with your followers, but they also can assist your ranking on Google. Consistent fresh content gets indexed and helps the search engine recognize your Page as active and valuable source of information.

Get Discoverable with an SEO-Friendly wefru Page

To make the most of your presence on wefru, it's important that your company wefru Page can easily be found. By filling out your company's wefru Page in its entirety, including relevant keywords in your company description, and adding compelling imagery to your profile and shared content, your wefru Page will be positioned for valuable search rankings.

For more ways to make the most of your company wefru Page, download the wefru Pages Small Business Action Plan or Enterprise Playbook.

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