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Tips for an awesome and SEO friendly Content

Step1 : Carry out a keyword research

Although SEO is leaning towards encouraging users to create thought-leadership types of content, keywords still play an important role. Finding the right keywords will help you dominate the search results and satisfy your target audience.

While choosing your target keywords, define the following:

-The volume of searches for a particular keyword in a given timeframe. Using the wrong keywords will lead to a waste of your time and budget.

-Understand the searcher intent behind keywords you want to use.

-Research resources to create competitive content already shown up in the search results.

-Focus on long-tail keywords. They might have a low search volume, but they still give a high possibility to rank on the SERPs. People usually use longer keyword phrases when they want to find out more specific information about a particular topic. 

Once you find the target keywords, make sure to include them in the right places:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description: keep it between 150-160 characters
  • Within your content: use keywords in H1-H6 tags
  • Image names and alt image tags

Structure your content

If you want to create great content, follow a solid structure. First, identify the main part of your post. Dividing it into different parts can make your writing easier and faster. Once you structure your content, you can work on each part separately without any time to organize your thoughts. Each piece of content should include an introduction, main body and conclusion. You can divide the body into different parts and write your content that showcases your personality and resonates with your audience.


Step2. Use small paragraphs

One thing to keep in mind is to keep your paragraphs short. It doesn't mean that each sentence needs to start on a new line, but the paragraphs should be arranged logically and have their own idea. Stick to small paragraphs (about 2-3 sentences). Use different formatting options, such as add bullet points, highlight text, change your font. That makes it easier for mobile users to read the content and make your content less boring.

Starting off your texts with the focus keyphrase Keyphrase in first paragraph.

Image result for Starting off your texts with the focus keyphrase Keyphrase in first paragraph. When writing a post or a page, we advise using your focus keyphrase in your introduction. By doing that, you make it easier for your readers and for search engines to find your content.

Use Headers (H1s, H2s, H3s)

Headers add structure so content is easily digestible for users and search engine crawlers. To optimize for crawlers, you can add H1 and H2 tags. An H1 tag is a header, usually the title of the post. An H2 is a subheader of the H1. An H3 is a subheader of the H2, and so on, all the way to H6s. Best practice for SEO is to use only one H1, with no limits on H2s - H6s. There is usually an option on blog platforms to select certain content as H1s or H2s, just as you would change the font.

Text length: Use the optimal content length

Recommended minimum of 300 words. For a typical blog post, 300 to 500 words should be the minimum word count. This is because Google likes longer content as it tends to get more likes and mentions in social media. Therefore, longer posts have good chances of ranking better in the search.
The optimal content length is around 2000 words.
But it shouldn't be your number one goal to write 2000 words every time.



Outbound links: Use outbound links appear in this page. Add some!

Internal links: Use internal links appear in this page, make sure to add some!

The meta description has been specified, but it does not contain the keyphrase.

Keyphrase in title: Not all the words from your keyphrase "I am alone and feel the charm of existence" appear in the SEO title. For the best SEO results write the exact match of your keyphrase in the SEO title, and put the keyphrase at the beginning of the title.


Update your content regularly

Even if you create engaging and high-converting content, you need to write blog posts and update your site content on a regular basis.






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